Sunday Project: A trip through my eyes. Last post.

"In the fix". I decided to post my photo header because Spain is a country in its way of fixing…so many things! Who knows if we will be intelligent enough to succeed,but I´m sure we´ll try. 

It´s been quite a journey since this project started,a wonderful journey. 

I can´t thank you enough for the great response this little idea has had,your kind messages,your wonderful posts every Sunday,the people who were there and the ones I´ve met thanks to their entries,and most of all for sharing a part of your lives with me (and the rest of the world!). 

I´m tearing like a baby typing this,so I better say see you around,this project has come to an end,but I´ll see you around Tumblr world.

Again,thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Have a great Sunday!!!!!!



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  8. my-memory-palace said: It was wonderful to share the stories and place with people every Sunday. Thank you Laura for doing this project and for inspiring us. xxx
  9. andrewhutchinson said: Laura, Thank you for getting this project going, keeping it running and for the inspiration and beauty you share with us every day. I have had so much fun reading all the Sunday posts. I will miss them.
  10. tinktastichana said: Good morning, Laura!! Yay! Sunday Project is very very cool!! Laura, your amazing idea inspired so many photographers on Tumblr. Thank you!!! My post is coming out soon :)))))))))) See ya later!